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    Job Opportunities

    AMMI Canada and CACMID are pleased to invite you to THE Canadian annual meeting in infectious diseases and microbiology. The 2019 AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual Conference will take place in Ottawa, ON, from April 3-6, and promises another great program! Updates The Preliminary Program is now available. Book your hotel, then register, and save $100!* […]

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    For CACMID members who are technologists and who attended the 2018 Annual Scientific Conference, travel education grants are available. Clinical microbiology fellows enrolled in a Canadian training program may submit itemized expenses with receipts to a maximum of $1,000.

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    For those attending the upcoming annual scientific conference in Vancouver, the final program is now available.  

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    DynaLIFE?is seeking a candidate with expertise in Molecular Diagnostic technology, who demonstrates dynamic leadership abilities and vision. The successful candidate will work with the medical microbiologists and other members of the Microbiology team to foster ongoing alignment of strategic vision in this area. The individual will work in close partnership with Clinical Operations to collaborate […]

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    Advanced Theranostics Inc (ATI), a biotech start-up spun out of McMaster University and St Joseph’s Hospital is developing a Point-of-Care infectious disease diagnostic. This disruptive platform device will potentially change the landscape in how infectious diseases are diagnosed, treated and managed by enabling the diagnostic in the field. We have an innovative research team working […]

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    The Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory (RRPL) of the Saskatchewan Health Authority seeks a full time Clinical Microbiologist. The Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory is a state of the art facility located in Regina, Saskatchewan that provides a full range of public health and reference microbiology services including bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, mycobacteriology, virology, and immunoserology. It houses […]

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    The postdoctoral Clinical Microbiology Training Program at the University of Manitoba is a program for Ph.D. graduates in microbiology to train to pursue a career as a clinical microbiologist and function within a diagnostic microbiology laboratory setting.? The two-year Program includes training in the microbiology laboratories of the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital, […]

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    The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association (EORLA) invites applications for a full-time academic Microbiology position. Candidates must have an MD degree and hold or be eligible for certification in Medical Microbiology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons […]

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